The High's site is organised by sub-domains, which are just web addresses which may be book marked separately if you wish.

Michael's stuff. More plans than content at the moment!

Pauline became Mrs High on 29th August, 2003. There are a few wedding pictures here with more to follow, no doubt.

This is to be the replacement to the old Flickr account

Jane was Mrs High for twenty-five years until death parted us. This is where the web site began and for those visiting the site for the first time may be the most interesting bit.


Welcome to a domestic home page to celebrate life, which sucks sometimes. I first started posting to the site when my first wife Jane died in January 2002. It began as simply a photo album with a few jottings for friends and family to enjoy. Since then I have added to it and friends have sent me pieces to include. I would also welcome feedback, comments or discussion of any of the issues raised, so feel free to e-mail me.


Welcome to my site